With all the natural disasters which have hit our country and our neighbors, it seems almost unreal that we are here in the beauty of an unfolding autumn, safe in our homes, able to have water, food, whatever we need.  It is these blessings which move us to reach out to others who are in such desperate need.  Our congregation is involved in two small but meaningful ways:

          We are donating through our National Association office to One Great Hour of Sharing.  These funds will be distributed to the proper channels “on the ground” to be sure they are put to the best use.  The Church Council approved $1000 to be sent, but individuals are also encouraged to give.  Make your check to the church with OGHS in the memo line.

          In addition, we are collecting toiletries of all kinds for Vicki to send to friends in the Keys.  As we know, while some homes are still standing there, they have no utilities, no stores open, no way to get these items.  Vicki will be sending these to the Keys in the most efficient way.

          In the meantime, we come together, we worship, we share communion, we have fellowship and learning times.  Our blessings flow indeed.  







          Did you know that every month our church donates $1000 to a local group or organization as part of our outreach?  The recipients so far in 2017 include Hospice of Southeastern Connecticut, Bethsaida Group, Montville High School Safe Grad Fund, Montville Youth Bureau and Social Services, Raymond Library, Veterans Fund in Montville, St. Vincent de Paul in Norwich, One Great Hour of Sharing Disaster Relief, and Toys for Tots.  Because you give, others can receive.




Church members have offered to help out in various ways.  Here is a list of ways to help and the members who will facilitate that for us:


·         Eyeglasses and hearing aids – Lion’s Club – Phyllis Eichelberg

·         Clothing and toiletries -St. Vincent de Paul  - Jim and Donna Gilman

·         Pet toys, old pillows, blankets, towels – Humane Society - Sandy Eichelberg or Heather Pettengill

·         Non-perishable foods, papers goods – Social Services of Montville - Will collect at church; deacons deliver periodically

·         Box Tops for Education – in Box in Narthex – Donna Osborne or Liz Kukich

·         Old Cell Phones for Women’s Shelter– Kevin Roberts

·         Pill Bottles – Matthew 25 Ministries - Sally Rogers

·         Tabs from cans (soda, cat food, etc) for Shriners – Russell Scott or Fred Deep



          DVD- The Ten Commandments (starring Dougray Scott)

          A new version of the Exodus story.  Like most cinematic retellings, this one leans on the special effects, but still a great way to reacquaint one with the great Exodus.


Book – Thorn in My Heart

A novel by Liz Curtis Higgs set in the moors of Scotland in 1788 echoing the story of Jacob and Esau, Rachel and Leah.  This is the first book of two.




BELIEVE:  Living the Story of the Bible to Become Like Jesus


         Class meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00.


            The fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 we will be using these DVDs as focus. 

We are currently in the Sinai desert, learning how God has called and covenanted with His people.

 Perfect for both history buffs and Bible study friends.




A word from Martin Churchmouse 


Sunday School is GREAT!  I love being with Miss Angela and the children.  And those coffee hours – cheese danish is the yummiest.  I hope to see you all in church and at the next coffee hour!

                                                                                                                                    ~ Martin


         WOMEN’S GROUP 

          The Women’s Group will meet on Thursday, October 12th at 9:30 for a sewing day. Our new project is for pillows for breast cancer surgery patients.  Cutting, pinning, sewing and stuffing are involved.  Coffee , tea and great fellowship provided!  For more information, see Deb K.
















For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. - John 3:16

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